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Are you washing your hair too often? Here is what happens!

Posted on December 11, 2017 in General

Daily grooming and hygiene care are essential elements for your wellbeing. However, what happens when you overdo it? When does an extra bath do you more harm than good?

Experts believe that washing your hair one too many times may increase the risk of baldness. Hair growth treatments like Provillus can prevent that, but how long can your threads grow if you deprive them of their natural oils?

Here is how daily hair washing can set your hairline to the back of your head:

Your mane becomes dry and flimsy

Your hair acts as a protective system for your scalp, and one of its purposes is to filter external agents like dust and dirt from reaching your skin. In this process, it produces a type of natural oil that acts as a shield against outside particles, and which we often call “grease.” It is important that you do not wash this body essence off after its initial surge. Leave it on for a period between 12 and 36 hours to increase your immune system.

A greasy mane is a signal of grime, but it is also a sign that your body is healthy enough to produce the natural oil responsible for the “oily glow” look. However, when you lose this ability, your hair becomes dry and breaks easily. To fight off these symptoms, you need to support your metabolism with a powerful formula of health-inducing nutrients like Provillus – a revolutionary treatment for hair loss and an efficient remedy that strengthens your threads from their ends to their roots.

Your scalp follicles slowly die

When your mane starts falling off and clogging the shower drain, you can notice the hairline receding with each passing day. The lack of proper care and genetics can be the factors behind this adverse effect that kills off your hair follicles one by one. However, hair researchers at the University of Harvard conducted a study that reveals the connection between hair loss and a low amount of nutrients.

Scientists believe that when your body is struggling with a medical condition that you are not aware of, it signals this to you through a deterioration of your hair and nails. In this case, the illness is most probably nutritional deficiency. Fortunately, you can combat this ailment by taking a hair loss remedy like Provillus, which is packed with high amounts of vitamins and minerals that sustain healthy hair regrowth.

Provillus brings style to your crowning glory

According to thousands of Provillus customer reviews, hair loss can be prevented and even reversed with the help of this unique treatment for baldness, regardless of how often you wash your mane. However, this is not the only benefit provided by the daily intake of this particular remedy for alopecia areata.

Many honest testimonials speak of the troubles that people had in finding a suitable hairstyle before using Provillus. The continuous hair loss and an advancing hairline were denying them many opportunities to showcase their crowning glory. After just a few weeks of taking this solution for balding, their follicles started producing new, thicker threads. Today, these individuals can walk with their heads up high and wear their new sets of luscious locks with pride and confidence.